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A Simple Guide to a Successful Species

A message to whomever is next on Earth —
Learning from the mistakes of humanity
     The most important things in life that humanity has strived for, historically, are liberty, knowledge, and self-preservation. For centuries, we have looked up into the sky for answers, hoping that we would receive guidance from supreme entities known as Gods or a singular God. This has caused many problems within our various societies. For this reason, I am compiling a simple guide to leave behind. If, for some reason, humanity ceases to exist on this Earth and another civilized, intelligent species colonizes the planet, I hope they don’t make the same mistakes that we have.
     Liberty: We humans define liberty as individual and collective freedoms. These freedoms should be all-encompassing and a birthright to each of us. Fair guidelines have been set in place and followed for thousands of years (Magna Carta and the Constitution of the United States), but it never fails that a group of humans bands together with the goal of taking away liberties of others for power and control. These are corrupt people. Unfortunately, after generations of liberty, it can become taken for granted. Meaning we don’t notice these liberties in our daily lives and when a group of corrupt people begin taking them away, it may be hard to notice at first. Then, when the collective people finally take note of their freedoms becoming stripped away, it is nearly too late.
     These freedoms come in several forms. Freedom of speech is quite possibly the largest. This simple concept provides any human the opportunity to speak their mind without punishment from another human or a group. Freedom of religion/spirituality is the next piece of the puzzle. For all we know, scientifically speaking, there is no spiritual realm, but humans are a spiritual being. This freedom allows us to believe in (or pursue a belief in) anything that we wish. Unfortunately, if your belief is that all other humans must believe in your religion or be persecuted, it conflicts with our innate being and the freedom of religion itself. This has been the cause of many wars, countless violent acts, and, quite possibly, even our extinction. If you wish to survive and grow as a species, you must come together as one to stop violations against attacks of your collective freedoms.
     There can only be one exception to a civilization that thrives without individual freedoms. These sentient races will be “hivemind”. This word has been adopted to describe a society which lives like insects. There is an overlord in this scenario (or perhaps two overlords, a mother and a father) and every other member of the species works together in extraordinary fashion towards a singular goal. However, humans are not hivemind and I personally believe that it directly conflicts with sentience but could very well be wrong. The greatest examples of hivemind are ants and bees. These creatures have an overlord (which, in both cases, humans have dubbed “Queens”). Ants, and bees as well, work together to build their living spaces called “colonies”, they take no instruction, they just do it as if they were programmed to do it which is why I believe it conflicts with sentience.
     Knowledge: Since the time humans began roaming this Earth, we have become increasingly more advanced scientifically and technologically, but in truth, we may be no closer to finding out our ultimate question: what is our purpose here? I believe two things: we actually have no purpose and that we are just natural progression of cellular growth. This may sound depressing to many other humans and conflicts with the earlier statement “Humans are spiritual beings” however I do have reasons for these beliefs. Whether they are true or not, this planet will not be able to naturally sustain life until the end of time. For this reason, we have a secondary goal and it falls in line with my next point of self-preservation. I don’t simply mean preserving a single life forever, but the continuation of humankind. We do need to expand past the Earth if we wish to, as a species, exist beyond the planet’s life. The only other outcome would be to peer into the future, see all the ways the Earth will be destroyed, and prevent them through technological means.
     Self-Preservation: As a collective, we do not even agree on how we came to be. Sad as that is, I blame this directly on our spiritual minds. As societies, we have different beliefs and cultures, and instead of coming together on ideas, we constantly fight amongst one another to proclaim that our ideals are the only truth. If we could abandon “religion” and “dogma”, come together and find out our origin scientifically, we could connect-the-dots and link our spirituality with science. Perhaps we were created by a supreme, all-knowing entity, but at least we would be able to identify that fact. Maybe we were created by another species own attempts at “self-preservation”. The truth is that we do not know and we may never know, but we certainly will not know if we let ourselves cease to exist.
     Ironically, as we come ever-closer to our last days on Earth, we extend this concept of self-preservation to other non-sentient species that exist on our home planet. We attempt to save plants and other animals who are not self-aware (lucky or unlucky as they may be) from going extinct.
     Conclusion: Come together as a collective to protect each of your individual freedoms while not physically harming each other. Seek to learn more in any way you can. Continue to live on and allow others to do the same, even if they are unaware. Since we are not here to teach you these things, I sincerely hope with all that we leave behind, you are able to learn our languages. That way, you may learn from our mistakes and live forever.