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NA LCS Post-Week 2 Power Rankings

S Tier -“Gods of NA Tier”

#1 TSM

Power Grade: S+

Record: 4-0 | 8-1

Previous Rank: 1 (=)

What an opening two weeks for TSM. They have officially proven that their spring playoffs turn-around performance was not a fluke. They did drop a game, finally, but took the series against Immortals. #WORTH

In week 3, they will look to continue their NA dominance but Friday’s series against Cloud 9 should give them yet another test. The series against NRG should be another 2-0 in TSM’s favor.

Week 3 Games: Friday v C9 | Sunday v NRG

#2 IMT

Power Grade: S

Record: 3-1 | 7-4

Previous Rank: 2 (=)

For the first time in 20 regular season weeks, Immortals are not the kings of NA. However, they are still pose a dominating roster and have proven that they can handle best-ofs. They were the first team to force TSM to drop a game, proving that they are beatable.

In week 3, their largest goal is to prove that they have not dropped in power and that NV are still a step behind the top-tier teams. At worse, this should be a 4-1 week for Immortals.

Week 3 Games: Saturday v NV | Sunday v FOX

#3 C9

Power Grade: S-

Record: 3-1 | 7-4

Previous Rank: 4 (+1)

Another great week for Cloud 9, a heart-stopping game loss to P1 but the series went to C9 with two near-perfect victories followed up by a 2-0 rout of the struggling, yet defending champions Counter Logic Gaming.

In week 3, C9 has the chance to prove that the top-tier teams are even closer than we all think. They have the ability to take down TSM and IMT may have given them the blueprint. Remember, in week 1, C9 lost a very close series to Immortals and C9 v TSM tends to be a 50-50. Apex could also be a tough series, as they are a solid team. Quite possibly another 6-game week for C9.

Week 3 Games: Friday v TSM | Sunday v APX

A Tier – “Something to Prove Tier”

#4 NV

Power Grade: A

Record: 4-0 | 8-2

Previous Rank: 5 (+1)

Another great week for NV. The biggest question here, though, is the strength of schedule that they’ve played against. Their toughest two games have been Apex and NRG (combined record of 3-5 | 9-11), they did, however, prove they are a step above APX which was a big question after week 1.

In week 3, NV has their first shot to prove themselves as a top-tier team with a series against Immortals, and then we have a very interesting series against CLG where we get to see a surprising power-house newcomer against a slumping, defending champion. Let’s dub week 3 as Judgment Week for NV.

Week 3 Games: Saturday v IMT | Sunday v CLG

#5 APX

Power Grade: A-

Record: 2-2 | 5-5

Previous Rank: 3 (-2)

Heckle me. I was wrong about Apex. Last week I called them the strongest of the new teams but it turns out their week 1 victory over CLG was less-impressive than we may have thought. I still believe they are closer to NV than the standings reveal, considering they were bested by TSM which is no shocker and they did force NV to a third game.

Week 3 Games: Saturday v P1 | Sunday v C9

B Tier – “Mid Tier”

#6 CLG

Power Grade: B-

Record: 1-3 | 3-7

Previous Rank: 7 (+1)

The slump continues. They had a big chance to turn their early split around with a series against Cloud 9, but they appeared out-classed in both games while their only series win so far has come against the, arguably, worst performing team in NA, TL, who forced them into a third game.

In week 3, they have a real power test. If they do not take the series against Echo Fox, things are going to become very dire for the spring split champions, while the series against NV will not be easy. If Counter Logic Gaming take that series, they will prove they aren’t dead yet.

Week 3 Games: Saturday v FOX | Sunday v NV

C Tier – “NRG Tier”

#7 NRG

Power Grade: C

Record: 1-3 | 4-6

Previous Rank: 8 (+1)

NRG is perhaps a dark horse in the NA LCS. They took a game from Immortals in week 2 after getting 2-0’d by Apex in week 1. They seem to be a small step above the bottom three teams and maybe a small step above the mid-tier teams such as CLG and Apex.

In week 3, they will look to show dominance over TL and prove stronger than they appear by taking at least a game from TSM. If they can take a game from TSM in week 3, we look to a potential David and Goliath match in week 4 versus Cloud 9.

Week 3 Games: Saturday v TL | Sunday v TSM

D Tier – “Bottom Tier”

#8 TL

Power Grade: D+

Record: 1-3 | 3-6

Previous Rank: 9 (+1)

TL finally won a series in a 2-0 upset over Echo Fox after handing CLG their first series win. Perhaps they have just begin their turn-around after some likely synergy-issues with Dardoch coming back into the roster after the pre-split benching.

In week 3, their goal is to show the world that they are better than the bottom tier. They could move up the rankings if they come home with a 2-0 week after taking down P1 and NRG, though as long as they aren’t 2-0’d by P1, no outcome here should be a shocker.

Week 3 Games: Friday v P1 | Saturday v NRG

tied #9 FOX

Power Grade: D

Record: 1-3 | 3-6

Previous Rank: 6 (-3)

Easily the worst performing team of the week. Echo Fox was 4-0’d by teams that appeared to be weaker than them after week 1.

In week 3, Fox will be hard-pressed to take a single game against CLG or IMT since they couldn’t do so against TL or NRG. Winning either series will be a massive upset and tell everyone that week 2 was just a fluke.

Week 3 Games: Saturday v CLG | Sunday v IMT

tied #9 P1

Power Grade: D

Record: 0-4 | 1-8

Previous Rank: 10 (+1)

Phoenix1 looked like an entirely different team in game 2 against Cloud 9, taking a victory against a top-tier team, something they couldn’t do against the likes of Echo Fox or Envy. Even still, after making a push that completely exposed C9’s nexus, they still almost lost the game. Pirean’s Varus was a thing of beauty and I look for it to draw repeated bans against him going into the future.

In week 3, we have a huge fight coming to us in the form of TL v P1. Arguable the bottom two teams could make for a seriously interesting series. Also, going up against Apex should provide P1 with a solid test to prove they are they don’t necessarily belong in the same conversation with TL and FOX.

Week 3 Games: Friday v TL | Saturday v APX

TL;DR Week 2 Stories

TSM secures the number 1 ranking. Cloud 9 proves themselves as top-tier. NV shows they are the strongest of the newcomers, not Apex. CLG struggles continue, potentially worsen. Huge steps in the wrong direction for Echo Fox.

Must watch games for week 3

#1 TSM v C9; Friday

#2 NV v CLG; Sunday

#3 IMT v NV; Saturday

#4 P1 v TL; Friday