My name is Kyle Gibbs, or Gibbsatron by many.  I’m in my mid-twenties and currently active duty in the US Army Infantry but getting ready to transition to the civilian life.  I started this blog to, in a sense, get started on the next spectrum of my life.  My goal is to, one day, write story and plot for a company in the video gaming industry.  I’m willing to give full effort with any job within that market, however that is where I feasibly see my working life’s ‘endgame content’.  On this blog, you may see anything from news and reviews of video games to blurbs about plot development and creative writing; don’t be shocked if  other projects pertaining to my attempt at inching my way into the game production trade show up somewhere around here.

Above: Gibbsatron, just being himself.

If any of this interests you, feel completely free to follow me!

There are a couple ways to contact me outside of WordPress if you so wish:
e-mail: foxreaper318@gmail.com
xbox live: bewareKRAKEN
steam: foxreaper318


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