NA LCS Post-Week 4 Power Rankings

S Tier -“Team Solo Tier”

#1 TSM

Power Grade: S+

Record: 8-0 | 16-3

Previous Rank: 1 (=)


One more match before TSM has the chance to successfully defeat every NALCS opponent and it’s P1.  It looks like they will secure a 9-0 half-split before facing off in a rematch against the spring split champion and MSI success story CLG.

As long as they continue playing in this form, look for TSM to come out of week 5 with a 10-0 record.

Week 5 Games: Saturday v P1 | Sunday v CLG

A Tier – “Battle for Second Tier”

#2 IMT

Power Grade: A+

Record: 7-1 | 15-5

Previous Rank: 2 (=)


Things indeed looked troubling for a moment after CLG took a game 1 from IMT.  If you remember, CLG was the only team to defeat IMT during the spring split regular season, dashing their hopes of an undefeated split.  However, Immortals quickly regained their composure and ended the weekend with 4 back-to-back wins.

Week 5 should be an interesting one at the very least as Apex should be a solid warmup for an all-important rematch with Cloud 9.

Week 5 Games: Saturday v APX | Sunday v C9

#3 C9

Power Grade: A

Record: 6-2 | 14-7

Previous Rank: 3 (=)

Finally, the rising Cloud 9 took a 4-0 week after a not-so-surprising shutout of NV and NRG.  They looked great on the rift and smothering out the weaker LCS competition is something C9 has struggled with in recent seasons.

Though week 4 was great for C9, I can really see week 5 being a tough one.  Team Liquid has been on a steady uprise back to former contention while Immortals is still considered the second-best team.  However, Cloud 9 may have been steadily improving while Immortals is kind of staying stagnant.  Only time will tell.

Week 5 Games: Friday v TL | Sunday v IMT

B Tier – “Gatekeeper Tier”

#4 NV

Power Grade: B

Record: 5-3 | 10-9

Previous Rank: 4 (=)

As I expected, NV came out of the week at 5-3.  I did not, however, expect them to go 0-4.  So while I was correct about placing them below the top 3, I never would have even thought to bet on an 0-6 record against TSM/IMT/C9.  They are the lone team standing between the top-tier and the middle-tier teams.  They are the Gatekeepers.

For NV fans, hope remains that their 2-7 record over the last two weeks hasn’t tilted them so hard that they drop to Echo Fox or Liquid, the later being more likely and I actually predict a 1-1 week.

Week 5 Games: Friday v FOX | Saturday v TL

C Tier – “Rock Paper Scissors Tier”

#5 TL

Power Grade: C+

Record: 4-4 | 9-9

Previous Rank: 7 (+2)

After 2-0’ing Apex, I decided on calling this the Rock Paper Scissors tier.  The three teams seem to be about equal in strength against other teams, but TL 2-0’d APX, CLG 2-1’d TL, and APX 2-1’d CLG, making for an interesting match of Rock Paper Scissors.  The future of the split, specifically with the teams in this tier should be more than entertaining.

This will be a very tough week for the Liquid crew.  I’m curious to see if they keep playing Fabbbyyy or if Piglet steps back in considering the strength of the upcoming teams.  I predict a 1-1 week as TL continues to improve while NV could possibly be on tilt.

Week 5 Games: Friday v C9 | Saturday v NV

#6 CLG

Power Grade: C

Record: 3-5 | 9-11

Previous Rank: 6 (=)

My prediction was correct and they did take a game from Immortals which is huge for them.  It was a game 1 and they couldn’t keep the same pressure up against the superior roster.  I still think the team is improving from their slump and I see them returning to the playoffs which is huge for a team who’s been unexpectedly struggling so much.

Week 5 should be much like the previous week.  If CLG wants to continue their improvement, they will finish off half the split at 4-5 which isn’t terrible all things considered.  Then they start off the second half against TSM who, like IMT, they should be looking to take a game from.  Getting TSM out of the way at the beginning of the second half of the split could be a blessing in disguise.

Week 5 Games: Saturday v NRG | Sunday v TSM

#7 APX

Power Grade: C-

Record: 4-4 | 10-10

Previous Rank: 5 (-2)


Out of all the teams in this tier, Apex had the most impressive start to the split and the least impressive end to the first half and the last team they have yet to face looks monumentally better than them.  Like CLG, they will probably finish the first half of the split at 4-5 before starting the second half against the worst team in the NA LCS.

In week 5, Apex will likely go 1-1 in an unsurprising fashion, though P1 is still looking for that first series win and what better time to start the comeback and surprise everybody than halfway through the split?

Week 5 Games: Saturday v IMT | Sunday v P1

D Tier – “Cloud Drake Tier”

#8 NRG

Power Grade: D+

Record: 2-6 | 7-13

Previous Rank: 8 (=)

Well it appears we have our relegation teams all-but announced.  Barring any huge failures from the teams above them or incredible turn-arounds from NRG, FOX, or P1, these three teams will be playing to stay in the LCS in about 7-8 weeks.  Hopefully, NRG doesn’t get relegated because I, personally, can’t imagine an LCS split without KiWiKiD.

Week 5 is a real chance for NRG to secure a 2-0 week and break into playoff consideration, but with CLG fighting to stay relevant, I don’t see it happening.

Week 5 Games: Saturday v CLG | Sunday v FOX

#9 FOX

Power Grade: D

Record: 1-7 | 4-14

Previous Rank: 9 (=)

It seemed like Echo Fox might have gotten some things together.  They took a game from TSM after two back-to-back 0-4 weeks!  Then they dropped 0-2 to Apex.  I can only see one explanation for this and it’s that TSM didn’t prepare for them as much as they did for NV.

Echo Fox has a chance to have a solid week.  NV, as previously mentioned, could be on tilt from going 2-7 in the last two weeks, while NRG is FOX’s closest competitor.

Week 5 Games: Friday v NV | Sunday v NRG

#10 P1

Power Grade: D-

Record: 0-8 | 3-16

Previous Rank: 10 (=)

There isn’t much to say here.  Phoenix1 may legitimately not win a series in their debut summer split.  At this rate, P1 will be in the Challenger Series next year.  Inori played decent, nothing outstanding, and he certainly wasn’t the squad’s magic answer.

On the downside, P1 might go 0-18.  On the upside, they get to play 10 more Bo3 series on the LCS stage.  They should probably be asking the star players for their autographs while they still have the opportunity.

Week 5 Games: Saturday v TSM | Sunday v APX

TL;DR Week 4 Stories

TSM, IMT, and C9 are still alone, arm-wrestling on the mountain’s summit after 6-0’ing NV. TL is quietly moving to the top of the mid-tier teams, potentially challenging NV for that 4th spot. Hopefully Rick Fox doesn’t regret his investment.

Must watch games for week 5

#1 C9 v IMT; Sunday

#2 TL v NV; Saturday

#3 CLG v TSM; Sunday

#4 TSM v P1; Saturday

Note about Match #4: This is the last game of the first half of the split for both teams.  One is defeated, one is undefeated.  It’s mostly here for the lulz but if P1 did happen to upset TSM, it would be absolutely massive!

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