NALCS Post-Week 3 Power Rankings

S Tier -“Team Solo Tier”

#1 TSM

Power Grade: S+

Record: 6-0 | 12-2

Previous Rank: 1 (=)


An electrifying series against C9 came out with the NA favorites on top once more.  After defeating IMT and C9, it appears they are unstoppable.  NV could potentially be a worthy contestant, but considering they were stomped by Immortals, it seems fairly unlikely that NV has a shot at taking the series.

If they don’t end week 4 at 8-0, something went drastically wrong.

Week 4 Games: Saturday v FOX | Sunday v NV

A Tier – “Contender Tier”

#2 IMT

Power Grade: A+

Record: 5-1 | 9-4

Previous Rank: 2 (=)


A nice 4-0 weekend for IMT including a rout of NV, proving that the new team is still a step out of being top tier.  Week 4 should be another 4-0 weekend for IMT, which is unfortunate for both CLG and TL as they are attempting to rebound and prove they still have what it takes and their slump is over.  With that said, both of these are potential trap games for IMT.

Easily 7-1 after week 4.

Week 4 Games: Friday v CLG | Saturday v TL

#3 C9

Power Grade: A

Record: 4-2 | 10-7

Previous Rank: 3 (=)

After three weeks, C9 has still played more games than any other team.  This is probably just a useless statistic, but the fact that only one series involving C9 has ended in two games is pretty interesting.  The team looks solid, but not incredible.  Their support substitution strategy is still a complete mystery to everyone outside of their organization, but I think they made a mistake subbing in BunnyFuFuu in game 3 against TSM after Smoothie was involved in the game 2 victory.

Saturday will certainly be entertaining as C9 and NV go head-to-head in a battle for the true third best team.  Most likely, C9 will come out 6-2.


Week 4 Games: Saturday v NV | Sunday v NRG

#4 NV

Power Grade: A-

Record: 5-1 | 10-5

Previous Rank: 4 (=)


It was a decent week for NV, but nothing too unexpected or incredible happening here.  They were 2-0’d by Immortals, which unfortunately proved they are a step behind the top three teams while they battled it out extensively with defending champ CLG, winning a 2-1 series.  Week 4 will be their toughest of the regular season unless a major power shake-up happens mid-split.  I expect them to take a game from C9 but lose both series in a 1-4 fashion and come out of the week at 5-3.

Week 4 Games: Saturday v C9 | Sunday v TSM

B Tier – “Ocean Drake Tier”

#5 APX

Power Grade: B+

Record: 3-3 | 8-8

Previous Rank: 5 (=)

Apex had a 3-3 weekend, but it probably should have been a 3-2 series.  They are only the second team to drop a game to P1 and it still remains to be seen if P1 was playing exceptionally well in those two games or of the teams that lost to them were just paying exceptionally bad.

I predict Apex to finish the week 5-3, though an upset by TL wouldn’t shock me in the least.

Week 4 Games: Friday v TL | Sunday v FOX

#6 CLG

Power Grade: B

Record: 2-4 | 6-9

Previous Rank: 6 (=)


One big step forward and then one tiny step backwards.  They beat FOX in a 2-0, which is good for the team in general, obviously.  They looked like they were figuring things out and then they held strong against NV in a game one win.  In game two, they appeared to be in control until the mid-late game and they fell apart.  NV took two games in a row to take the series from them.

Week 4 looks like it could be a similar situation, but if they can take a game from IMT it would be monumental for the squad who is in a tough battle with the next best team, Liquid.  My prediction: 3-5.

Week 4 Games: Friday v IMT | Sunday v P1

#7 TL

Power Grade: B-

Record: 3-3 | 7-7

Previous Rank: 8 (+1)


This was a huge weekend for TL.  They came away with a total of 4 wins and 1 loss.  The teams weren’t special, but they were all close to each other in the bottom 4 of the standings.  For this week, I propelled TL from D tier all the way to the bottom of the B tier.  Though they have a better record than CLG, they have had a slightly easier schedule thus far and also lost to CLG, hence their placement below them.

This will be a tough week for TL.  If they can manage to claim victory over Apex, it will show they are actually improving.  Though the Spring 3rd place rematch, against IMT, seems to be unwinnable. My prediction: 3-5.

Week 4 Games: Friday v APX | Saturday v IMT

C Tier – “NRG Tier”

#8 NRG

Power Grade: C

Record: 1-5 | 5-10

Previous Rank: 7 (-1)

NRG still appears to stand alone, separating the bottom tier from the middle tier.  Sometimes they look like they are powerful and sometimes they look like they are clueless.  A week 4 victory over C9 would certainly confirm they are the NALCS dark horse.

At the end of Week 4, NRG will likely be 2-6.

Week 4 Games: Saturday v P1 | Sunday v C9

D Tier – “Cloud Drake Tier”


#9 FOX

Power Grade: D

Record: 1-5 | 3-10

Previous Rank: 9 (=)


Echo Fox seems to have completely fallen apart.  Getting 2-0’d by IMT isn’t a huge deal, but getting 2-0’d by CLG definitely is.  If they hadn’t torn P1 apart in week one, it would be very questionable which team deserves 9th and 10th.  Note: the rematch is in week 6.

After week 4, P1 will likely still be the only team they have beaten.  1-7.

Week 4 Games: Saturday v TSM | Sunday v APX

#10 P1

Power Grade: D-

Record: 0-6 | 2-12

Previous Rank: 10 (=)


Well, boys and girls, it seems P1 is destined to play in the Promotion Tournament at this point.  They did pull out a win against another top 5 team, however.  In both of those games, the team they defeated looked lost in the mid-late game, which lead me to believe they were team comp issues.  Something noteworthy about those two games, the losing bot lane was Caitlyn and Karma.  So maybe, the key to success for P1 is to try and force their opponents into that duo lane somehow.

The series against NRG could be very interesting indeed and they could come away from the week 1-7 or even 2-6 if CLG keeps falling apart in the late game.  I still predict 0-8.

Week 4 Games: Saturday v NRG | Sunday v CLG

TL;DR Week 3 Stories

TSM stands alone on the top of the hill. NV likely can’t handle the top-tier teams. CLG and TL seem to be on the rebound but have a long way to go if they want to return to form. P1 and FOX are well below the rest.

Must watch games for week 4

#1 TSM v NV; Sunday

#2 C9 v NV; Saturday

#3 APX v TL; Friday

#4 P1 v NRG; Saturday


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